Just off the coast of Split, the island of Brac is a common day trip from the city as well as home to several popular resorts.

Brac is the largest island in Dalmatia, and its beaches and resorts near the town of Bol make it a common destination for tourists and locals alike. Start early, if you travel from Split, you don’t want to waste good sun soaking hours sitting on the ferry or on the bus that takes you across the island to Bol.

Once in Bol, hoof it a half mile West (just follow the foot traffic, everyone is going to the same place) to Zlatni rat, the “Golden cape,” Croatia’s most popular beach. It looks like luxurious white sand, but in fact, Zlatni rat is a sort of round-pebble texture—just abrasive enough to keep you from running.




The beach juts several hundred meters from a shaded pine grove into the ocean, and the resulting cove offers relatively smooth water for kite boarding and windsurfing. An afternoon of either one will cost you several hundred kuna, so for travelers on a budget, bring your own gear or be prepared to stare jealously at those enjoying the wind for the entire afternoon.

Tidal currents push and pull the Zlatni rat promontory, causing it to shift visibly as the tide comes in or out. Although it’s not going to shake you off, families with children generally stay closer to the base of the sandbar, and teens and topless sunbathers enjoy the beach closer to the end of the spit.

Although buses run more frequently at the end of the day, the setting sun and the final ferry back to Split can lead to a rush and squeeze to get on the bus for the 45 minute ride across the island. End your day early and get in line or be prepared to find a room for the night.

Enjoying the island is as easy as laying a towel down on the ground and forgetting your troubles, but should you find yourself marooned, there are several accommodation options. A private room will be the easiest, most convenient and most economical, just look for an information office and have them find you a room in a house. Your best bet will be the relative metropolis of Supetar, the largest city on the island (pop. 3,062) and the ferry drop-off point.

If you have time to explore the rest of tBrac, look for the white rock quarries throughout the island. The white rocks of Croatia have been exported to build many monuments, most notably the Diocletian Palace at the center of Split and the White House in America.