Croatia Maps

The Republic of Croatia is located at the crossroads of Central Europe, Mediterranean Europe and the Balkans. Slovenia and Hungary are located to the North, Serbia to the East, Montenegro and Bosnia Herzegovina to the South East and the Adriatic Sea and a small part of Italy to the West.

Map of Croatia




Obviously, this is a map for general reference. If you plan to drive in Croatia, you’ll need a good, detailed driving map, which you can either purchase from a gas station or bookstore in Croatia, or you can download before you leave home (even if your rental car has a GPS navigator, it’s best to always have a back-up map). It’s advisable to buy a map of the region you will be driving in because the roads are usually properly marked.

When it comes to sightseeing on foot, you can pick up a map at the local tourist center. Alternatively you can download apps for your smartphone or you can purchase maps on line. For example, for sightseeing in Dubrovnik you can get this map directly on your Kindle (or any Android device) .

Map via Google Maps