Croatia Weather

Croatia has two climates. The coastal area and the islands have a typical Mediterranean climate. The summers are hot, dry and sunny. The winters are relatively mild , but often wet.

In the summer, the weather usually stays around high 20s C but it can very well get close to 30s C. In the winter , it may go as low as 5C but hardly ever dipping to freezing temperatures. However, there were instances of unusually cold ones (2011/2012). And, as you might expect, lately the temperatures have hit record highs during summers (2012).

The continental (interior) part of Croatia experiences typical Central-European temperate climate. The winters can be quite harsh , the temperatures often dipping below freezing. Snow is common and can be pretty heavy. Summers are hot, with temperatures often in the mid-30s C.

The mountains are cooler than the continental Croatia. They also get more precipitation . Snow is common and the ski season generally lasts from January until April or May .

Sample Temperatures


Jul avg high 27C; avg low 20C
Jan avg high 11C; avg low 5 C

Jul avg high 28C; avg low 20C
Jan avg high 11C; avg low 5 C




Jul avg high 27C; avg low 17C
Jan avg high 8C; avg low 1 C

Jul avg high 29C; avg low 19C
Jan avg high 11C; avg low 3 C


Jul avg high 27C; avg low 18C
Jan avg high 10C; avg low 3 C

When to Visit

The best time to visit Croatia largely depends on your budget and what you plan to do here. As it happens with any popular travel destination, budget wise, the best time to visit is early autumn and spring.

The best weather is between April and September. July and August are very hot, but September is still warm and cheaper. April, May and June are just as affordable. Plus you also get the nice weather sans the crowds and heat. If you want to spend most of your time hiking or doing other outdoor activities, then May and June are the best months to come to Croatia.

For the least crowded and cheapest period, opt for a winter vacation. Don’t worry , the Mediterranean climate offers mild temperatures even in January (don’t expect to wear a t-shirt though).

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