Making your way through Croatia shouldn’t be that hard since English is spoken in the majority of places and you will also find all the information needed right in the pages of WhyGo Croatia.

Croatia Travel Information

Here is a list of the basic information needed to plan a trip to Croatia from scratch, including how to get to Croatia, where to stay once you arrived and how to get around in the country.



  • Flights to Croatia : booking your ticket for Croatia is easy since all you need to do is search for it right on this page. There’s also information on how to find cheap airfare to Croatia.
  • Ferries : the easiest and most scenic way to get from one island to another is by ferries. They are more expensive than buses but are an excellent choice for the travelers. On this page you can read both about the domestic and international ferries available.
  • Accommodation in Croatia takes many forms. There are posh resorts up and down the Dalmatian coast. Then, there are the cheap hostels perfect for any type of traveler who is not looking for luxury and of course, there are the mid-range hotels , ideal if you want to explore the cities.

What to do in Croatia

Croatia is a very beautiful country, mixing the laid back beach atmosphere, with the relaxed charm of the mountain and the historical cities. Every person has their own must-see places in Croatia and it’s impossible to comprise them all. WhyGo Croatia provides information about a variety of things to do here.

  • Croatia’s Beaches : by far the biggest attraction in Croatia, the beaches come in many forms, from sandy to pebbled and from busy to secluded. Read about them and then choose where to soak up the sun.
  • Croatia’s National Parks : the country boosts some of the most beautiful national parks in Europe. There are lakes, coves, caves and hiking trails.
  • Diving :Croatia has some of the best diving spots in Europe and cave diving is a specialty here.

Croatia Information

The content is not as exotic as in the previous sections, but it contains stuff you need to know when planning your vacation in Croatia:

  • Information : contains all the basic things you need to know about climate, currency and communication in Croatia.
  • Croatia Map : it’s easy to decide where to spend your vacation when you know where the place is located.
  • Croatia’s Culture : a snapshot of culture and some information about the language spoken here.
  • Croatia’s History : learn bit about the history of Croatia and why it’s independence is so precious to the inhabitants.
  • Embassies : contact information for some of the important embassies in Croatia.