Travel Agents

Croatia is now an established tourist hot spot in Europe and an up and coming destination among Americans, so more and more travel agents are looking to get into the market. Letting a travel agent plan your vacation for you can ease some stress if you’re short on prep time prior to the trip and you’ll be sure to see the most popular destinations.

Most travel agent itineraries will take you to Dubrovnik. It’s the most popular destination in Croatia and its charming architecture and village atmosphere has become the image and feeling that most people associate with the Adriatic coast.




With Croatia’s meteoric rise in popularity as a travel destination since the mid-nineties, there are plenty of travel agents for you to turn to as a resource for your trip. They will be helpful in sorting through the vast amounts of information out there about Croatia and can answer or find answers to specific questions you might have about certain parts of your vacation. Dealing with a professional travel agent can increase your confidence that you are prepared for everything on the trip and takes the onus off of you to find the most accurate, up to date information about the things you want to do and see in Croatia.

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