Zagreb Hostels


Of all the cities in Croatia, Zagreb might be the best city in which to choose to stay in a hostel.

The urban, Eastern European flavor of Zagreb creates a slightly different vibe than the rest of Croatia and your stay is more likely to include a trip to a museum, art gallery, or a night spent people watching at a cafe than in the other, tourist dominated towns.

Location, Location, Location

Zagreb hostels are grouped primarily downtown, in the center of the city that serves as the heart of Croatian culture. This ease of access to local attractions—many are within walking distance of the main square—allows you maximum convenience when you want to go out, and more importantly, a short walk if you’ve had such a good night that you have trouble getting home.




Hotel Carpe Diem is the newest hostel in town and offers a prime location half a mile from the town’s center and a garden in the back where guests can relax and enjoy the garden.

Privacy Please

Following a growing trend in the hostel business, many Zagreb hostels do offer private rooms for rent. They will be more expensive and many require a minimum stay of two or three nights, but a private room also comes with an increased level of security and peace of mind.

For private rooms, check Villa Marija, a new hostel offering some of the cheaper private rooms in Zagreb. They are also conveniently located just a few meters away from one of the premier hospitals in Zagreb, although it is this Logue’s sincere wish that you do not have to visit during your stay.

Zagreb’s Best

Fulir Hostel is widely regarded as the best that Zagreb has to offer. Located in the prime center of town, the hostel receives rave reviews and provides newly renovated accommodations for guests. Free TV and Internet are also part of the package and Fulir, as well as an air of exlusivity: it’s hard to wrangle one of Fulir’s 16 beds during the high tourist season without an advance reservation. Check in is from noon to 10 p.m., arrive outside of those hours and be prepared to wait.

Buzz Backpackers also provides a great deal of service and value for the reasonable rates they charge. Buzz is located within a ten minute walk of most popular tourist attractions and if you don’t have that kind of time, they provide additional service such as a bicycle hire located on the premises as well as an in-house hairdresser.

Zagreb hostels are a great way to make your trip to Zagreb as fulfilling and fun as the rest of your time in Croatia. Convenient to national parks like Krka and Plitvice jezera, Zagreb offers a different experience of Croatia than one would find at a beach resort or on a sunny island in the south. With their convenient locations and easy-on-the-budget price, you can now write a few nights in a Zagreb hostel into your itinerary.