Finding accommodations in Croatia can be the easiest part of your trip if you plan ahead. Whether you’re a beach bum or an adrenaline junkie, whether you’re used to relaxing in the finest luxury or sleeping on trains to avoid paying for a youth hostel, Croatia has somewhere for you to sleep.

For those of you with the scratch to pay for a week in the sun with cucumbers on your eyes and a massage in the afternoon, a stay at one of the resorts in Dubrovnik where every need is anticipated, every stress removed could be the ticket to your dream vacation. Croatia’s resorts are funded as part of an overall governmental commitment to tourism, and the accommodations you will find at one of Croatia’s luxury resorts are second to none.

Another option is a hotel for your stay in Croatia. With a hotel you can balance your wallet against your dreams and save a few bucks for souvenirs while still living a rich and famous lifestyle.




But if you really want to see as much of Croatia as possible, from the Istria peninsula to Dubrovnik, you’ll want to explore local youth hostels or rent a private room in a local home to really experience the sights, sounds and people.

Another accommodation option is the rough-it and love it method of camping. Croatia’s campsites may be the key to your perfect holiday, making up 25% of tourist accommodations in Croatia. Nestled in pine forests on the edge of the sea, campgrounds provide a unique blend of vacationing and unspoiled wilderness, and offer “naturists” (read: nudists) the opportunity to live unencumbered by the burdens of everyday life.

At the moment, most of Croatia’s tourists come from Europe, so if you haven’t picked up enough Croatian to get by, your host will often speak German or Italian.

With over 925,000 tourist beds in Croatia, finding a place to stay is usually only a problem in August, when Italian tourists book up entire cities on the Istria peninsula, but Croatia’s economy depends on tourism, so, no matter the grumbles you might hear from locals complaining about the increased summer traffic, the country has a stake in your going home happy.

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