Recently I’ve been confronted with having to look for cheap hotels in Croatia and the entire process proved to be time consuming and rather frustrating. But not anymore! We are proud to announce a brand new hotel search function on this site which allows you to get results from multiple travel-booking sites all at once. Finding cheap hotels in Croatia will sure be much easier from now on. Once you get to the page, select the city you want to stay in and then you’ll have two options. There is a complete list with the hotels available in that area […]

Finding cheap hotels in Croatia just got easier

By guest columnist John J. Goddard Driving west from Zagreb to the Istrian peninsula is a bit like bidding farewell to a tipsy uncle at a boisterous family gathering as you retreat to the peace of a cottage in the forest. Croatia’s remarkable diversity isn’t reflected only in its food, dialects and microclimates, but also in the distinctive moods that hang in the air of each and every locale. While Zagreb chuckles mischievously behind a deceptive façade of imposing architecture and lingering Austro-Hungarian formality, the soul of Istria whispers dark green aromas of sea mist, pine smoke and herbs from […]

Croatia agrotourism – Stancija 1904 in Smoljanci