Bus Travel in Croatia

You might automatically think “train travel” when you think about getting around in Europe, but in Croatia that’s not the best knee-jerk reaction to have. Croatia’s rail network isn’t fabulous – if you’re trying to reach the cities served by train, it’s great, but it’s not as extensive as you might expect. Where the rail network leaves off, however, the bus system picks up the slack.
>> If you’re traveling to Croatia from another country in Europe and want to go by bus, those international routes are covered by the Eurolines conglomerate.

Traveling by bus in Croatia is probably the most budget-friendly way to get around in the country. Even though the network of highways is still under construction and, arguably, even less extensive than the rail network, you’re not restricted to the highways when you travel by bus. Not only are the buses an extremely efficient and economical way for visitors to get around, bus travel in Croatia is one of the most common ways for locals to get around, too.
If you’re traveling with a group, it may make sense to rent a car in Croatia instead of buying bus tickets for everyone – and having a car also gives you more freedom with your schedule. But for anyone who’s either traveling solo or who’s young enough that a car rental would be prohibitively expensive, the bus system in Croatia is the way to go.
There are a few bus companies in Croatia that you might encounter during your trip, depending on where you’re going. Sometimes more than one company serves the same route, so check all applicable companies to get the best price. You can’t really book of these tickets online, so it’s a good idea to find the bus station when you reach a city and spend the necessary time consulting the schedule. You may not be able to buy tickets in advance, but at least you’ll know the schedule so you don’t scramble as your bus is getting ready to pull out of the station.

Here are some of the Croatian bus companies you may find when you visit the country. You can consult some of them to get an idea of timetables and routes. Keep in mind that some of these companies’ websites are in Croatian only!

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