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Croatia has been popular for being a nude beach destination especially among German and Dutch travelers. The Croatian coast is one of the most popular naturist travel destination in Europe and home to the largest and oldest nudist camp area in Europe: Koversada in Istria. Croatia offers a variety of naturist facilities, such as : beaches, campsites, tourist villages , hotels, apartments and resorts. There are also the free nudist beaches along the Croatian coast, which are known to the nudists but not officially designated as naturist beaches. The naturist beaches are marked FKK. Two of the most popular naturist […]

Nude beaches in Croatia

Visiting Croatia in only 10 days can be a bit of a challenge. The country has a lot of interesting places to visit and cramming a lot in such an itinerary means you’ll leave out certain places. In this case, Plitvice Lakes (although you can spend only a day in Split and drive to the Lakes on the second day), Pula and Hvar (but again, you can plan a day trip from Split as the ferry only takes 2 h). Plus, you can “customize” this itinerary idea to suit your own needs; for example, spend only 1 day in Zagreb […]

10 Days in Croatia: Itinerary Ideas

With 2000 miles of coastline and a lot of islands, Croatia doesn’t lack places to get a tan or make a splash. Some of the beaches are world-famous and many travelers head here every summer. Searching for the best beaches in Croatia certainly starts with the traveler’s definition of “best beach”. Some travelers look for sandy beaches, with shallow waters, while others don’t mind pebbly beaches but want a superb landscape, too. Here is a list of the most popular and beautiful beaches in Croatia. Paradise Beach, Rab Island It is considered one of the best beaches in the world […]

Top 7 beaches in Croatia

The Croatian cuisine dates from the Ancient times and there are notable differences between the foods eaten on the mainland and those from the coastal regions. The mainland cuisine has Slavic origins and a lot of influences from the Hungarian, Austrian and Turkish cuisines; on the other hand, the cuisine found on the coastal regions has Ancient Greek, Ancient Roman, modern day Mediterranean and French influences. While on the mainland you’ll find the garlic, black pepper and paprika used a lot , on the coastal regions you’ll find oregano, olive oil, rosemary and cinnamon. Lignje Squid – either breaded or […]

What to Eat in Croatia: Famous Croatian Foods

Croatia and Greece might not be that close on the map but they both offer a lot of things to offer. And many travelers think it’s a good idea to visit both countries during the same trip. Finding connections between the two countries isn’t as easy as you might think. Quick summary If your only concern is the budget, you’ll be surprised to find out that flying (through London and on low cost airlines), taking a ferry (via Italy) and taking a train cost about the same. As for the time spent traveling, it’s all about finding the best connections….so […]

Getting from Croatia to Greece

May is one of the best months to visit Croatia. The sunny and warm weather allows visitors to explore the coastal towns and islands but the mass of tourists haven’t arrived yet so there’s some laid back feel still present. But the café life is in full swing and the day trips organized by travel agencies start to be available. Weather The sunny and warm days replace the early spring weather and it’s already possible to swim in the southern islands, by the end of the month. Some temperatures: Dubrovnik avg high 21C/70F; avg low 13C/57F Hvar avg high 21C/71F […]

Croatia in May

The warm weather brings more festivals and the outdoor activities are a delight. April is also a good month to visit Zagreb and Dubrovnik. Weather Spring has settled in, at last , and the flowers are in full bloom. You might actually be able to swim for an hour or so at noon along the coast. Some temperatures: Dubrovnik avg high 16C / 62F; avg low 10C/50F Hvar avg high 17C/63F ; avg low 10C/51F Split avg high 17C/63F ; avg low 8C/48F Zagreb avg 11C/51C Facilities Ferries to Croatia restart their schedule if they’ve been stopped over winter and […]

Croatia in April

Should you decide to visit Croatia in October, you’ll be rewarded with a country not deformed by the tourism. By now, the summer high season has ended and the life gets back into the routine so you get a chance to see the country as it is. It’s the time when locals harvest the grapes and other products. But you should pay a little more attention to the ferry schedule as it’s less frequent. Weather October weather is mild enough to allow for outdoor activities. Generally speaking, autumn is one of the best times to visit Croatia. It’s still possible […]

Croatia in October

Split is famous for the Roman heritage. Even today, you can still see the old Roman walls, squares and temples. Zadar is located in northern Dalmatia and also has a Roman heritage. The old town is worth your time and so are the remains of the Roman Forum. During summer, spend some time on the beaches. Although both cities are served by an airport, the short distance between them (160 km) doesn’t require a flight. You can fly via a connection in Zagreb, though , and the single fare starts at €240. Quick summary Generally speaking, buses tend to be […]

Getting from Split to Zadar

Dubrovnik , also known as the “Pearl of the Adriatic” is located on the Adriatic Sea coast and is a major travel destination in Croatia. It is also an important transportation hub for ferries to/from Italy. Bari, located in the Apulia region of Italy , is a major commercial center and port , located on the Adriatic Coast. It is well know as being a major ferry transportation hub for those leaving Italy to visit neighboring countries, such as Croatia and Greece. But aside from this, Bari also boasts a lovely old town, with many historic buildings and sites. Although […]

Getting from Dubrovnik to Bari