Flights to Croatia

There’s no getting around it, airfare is expensive. One of the major costs on your trip to Croatia will be your flight. But do not worry, traveler, there are ways to save on every flight to Croatia without sacrificing your vacation.
Croatia has two international airports, located in Dubrovnik and Zagreb, and commercial flights come in to both from several major airports every day. The key to getting there within your budget, however, is to start planning early, fly outside of the peak seasons, and choose your airport wisely.
The cost of plane tickets, like most everything in Croatia, increases in the summer, but there are ways to get a good deal. Planning your trip a few months in advance gives you time to search for the best deal, and as the departure date nears, flights generally increase in price. Try bootsnall’s fare finder and let us troll the web for the very best deals.
Airfare to the Adriatic drops in price later in the year, particularly in the wet winter months of December and January. A $2,000 flight in July will fall to $800, but unless you packed your own wetsuit you will miss out on swimming in Croatia’s beautiful, unspoiled sea. A trip in the late spring gives you a head-start on the crowds, but visiting in September and giving the water a chance to warm up, gives you the best trip for your ticket price (And plenty of sunshine, albeit with a chance of showers near the end of the month.)
Finally, the choice comes down to location. Flights to Zagreb are generally cheaper than those arriving in Dubrovnik, but know yourself and your traveling companions. Would a flight to Zagreb and a few day trips to Plitvice jezera and cultural sights in the northern part of Croatia be a good addition to your trip? Or would you just be delaying the real reason you’re traveling: getting to the resort and those sun drenched lounge chairs.
If expanding the scope of your trip to save some money sounds intriguing, consider flying from the states to Austria or another popular European destination and sightseeing your way down to Croatia. It will add days to your trip and might be more expensive in the end, but you might save some cash on the flight.




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