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Croatia’s hotels cater to the “tweeners” of tourism, those not set on the luxury of a high-class resort, but also not looking to be a stranger’s house guest. In an economy propped up by tourism, there is no shortage of places to stay, but hotels are often the most convenient and comfortable option for travelers.




Every year, the flood of cars and tourists to Croatia packs the country’s restaurants, highways and hotels. August, the true high season for out-of-towners, can see the Istria Peninsula’s hotels overflow with vacationing families and leave the independent traveler camping in the park.

Croatia’s already strong tourism industry is only expanding, and supply doesn’t always match demand. So if you want to hang your swim trunks near the most popular sites, make a reservation. Or travel out of season. You’ll miss the crowds at the beach and won’t find a hotel overbooked for the weekend.

While the prices aren’t as good as hostels or privately rented rooms, hotels offer comfort and a consistent level of service without the headaches or language barriers that come with finding a place on your own. They also offer the peace of mind of being able to lock up valuables behind a magnetically coded keycard lock while away touring the town and the possibility of package tours at a discounted rate.

Hotels in Croatia span the entire continuum of quality and comfort, but the best view in Croatia may be at the Hotel Kompass. Named the best 3 Star hotel in Croatia, the Kompass offers a world-class view at a lower price than a luxury resort at a higher level of comfort than the local youth hostel.

If you’re looking for even more of a bargain, one and two star hotels can be the answer, although if you’re looking for amenities beyond a bed and a window these might not be the best option. While you can complain to the manager if you’re unhappy with the service, you’d be better off in a hostel or rented room where a family will take you in as one of their own for the day, week, or however long your stay lasts.

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