Croatia Information

Population: 4,493,312

: Kuna
The exchange rate for Kuna’s to American dollars is approximately 5 kuna for every U.S. dollar.

: You will not need any shots to travel to Croatia. Also, Croatia is not on the Red Cross list of countries at a high risk for Malaria, so you will still be able to donate blood upon your return!

Croatia Electricity and Plugs
: Croatia uses a standard two-prong plug compatible with the rest of Europe and is on a 220V, 50Hz electrical system.

Emergency telephone numbers:




Police 92
Fire Brigade 93
First Aid Ambulance 94

Climate: The coastal regions and islands of Croatia experience the warmest, driest weather in the summer, with temperatures in the followed by a wet winter. The mountainous interior is warm in the summer but colder in the winter with an earlier autumn and a more stark contrast between seasons.

: Round up to the nearest dollar when paying for a meal, but don’t worry that the staff will go hungry, a service charge is always included with your meal. Just don’t leave the money on the table unless you want to infuse the local economy more directly.

: You’ll have to buy a phone card to use a public telephone, but they’re sold on almost every corner kiosk and in every tobacco shop. Phones now include instructions in English, just press the flag on the corner of the phone.

A quick walk through the center of almost any town will reveal an internet cafe, and as you approach a tourist destination your odds of finding one go up exponentially. 15 kuna for an hour is an average price, although some cafes offer discounts for students.

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