Airports in Croatia

As is the case with most countries, Croatia has more airports than foreign visitors need to know about. There are several international airports to know about, and a few others that are smaller and handle more domestic flights.

Once you get to Croatia, you may elect to fly from place to place to get around – in that case, you’ll have more airport choices than just the major airports listed below. For most travelers, however, the Croatia airports listed on this page are the ones to be aware of.

Under each airport listing, there’s a handy search tool so you can find out about airfare to that airport from your home airport with one click.

Major International Airports in Croatia

Zagreb Airport (ZAG)

The airport in Zagreb is Croatia’s primary international gateway, and the most likely first destination in the country if you’re flying in from outside Europe. Zagreb is a transport hub, so if your ultimate destination is another city in Croatia that has an airport, you can book a domestic flight from Zagreb. Otherwise, you’ll be able to book a train or bus trip from Zagreb to almost anywhere else in Croatia.

Some of the airlines serving Zagreb are: Aeroflot, Air France, Austrian Airlines, Croatia Airlines (Zagreb is Croatia Airlines’ main hub), Czech Airlines, Dubrovnik Airlines, easyJet, Germanwings, Iberia, Japan Airlines, Lufthansa, Spanair, Sun d’Or, TAP Portugal, and Turkish Airlines.

Split Airport (SPU)

Split is one of Croatia’s main tourist destinations, and although you can get there via train, bus or car, it’s also home to the country’s second-largest airport.

Some of the airlines serving Split are: Aeroflot, Air Berlin, Austrian Airlines, Arkefly, BH Air, Cimber Sterling, Condor, Croatia Airlines, Dubrovnik Airlines, easyJet, Edelweiss Air, Germanwings,, Lufthansa Regional, Scandinavian Airlines, Transavia, Wizz Air, and XL Airways France.




Dubrovnik Airport (DBV)

Located at the furthest tip of the Dalmatian Coast, Dubrovnik is an incredibly popular tourist destination – and luckily the Dubrovnik airport is the third largest in the country, because the rail and road network to the city isn’t great. You can certainly drive or take a bus to get to Dubrovnik (or take a boat if you’re on the coast already), but from Croatia’s main airport in Zagreb a short flight is the fastest way to reach Dubrovnik.

Some of the airlines serving Dubrovnik are: Aer Lingus, Aeroflot, Austrian Airlines, BH Air, bmibaby, British Airways, Condor, Croatia Airlines, Dubrovnik Airlines, easyJet, Edelweiss Air, Europe Airpost, Flybe, Germanwings, Iberia, Jetairfly,, LOT Polish Airlines, Lufthansa Regional, SAS Scandinavian Airlines, Spanair, TAP Portugal, Thomson Airways, Vueling Airlines, and Wizz Air.

Zadar Airport (ZAD)

Zadar, midway down the Croatian coast, is yet another tourist area. It’s a smaller airport, and virtually all of the airlines that serve Zadar have only seasonal traffic, but if you’re planning a trip to the Zadar area it’s worth checking the flights into the city.

Some of the airlines serving Zadar are: Croatia Airlines, Germanwings, Lufthansa Regional, and Ryanair.

Pula Airport (PUY)

Pula sits in the far northwest of Croatia, and is a good airport to choose if you’re visiting the northern part of the coast. Depending on your itinerary, it could even be a good airport to use if you’re visiting Slovenia, which lies not far from this part of Croatia. Most of the flights in and out of Pula are seasonal.

Some of the airlines serving Pula are: Arkefly, BH Air, Croatia Airlines, Germanwings,, Malmo Aviation, Norwegian Air Shuttle, Ryanair, Thomson Airways, and Ukraine International Airlines.

Rijeka Airport (RJK)

Rijeka’s airport is quite small, even for Croatia, and it’s located in the northwest of the country in a major port city. The highway and rail network also serves Rijeka, so you have your pick of transport services to get in and out of the city. This is especially handy if you’re planning a visit during something other than the high season, as all of the flights in and out of Rijeka are seasonal.

Some of the airlines serving Rijeka are: Croatia Airlines, Danube Wings, Norwegian Air Shuttle, and Ryanair.

Osijek Airport (OSI)

Osijek is near the eastern border of Croatia, far from the coast and most of the tourist destinations, so it’s not surprising that it’s a small airport only served by a couple of airlines. In fact, Osijek’s airport is mainly used for cargo flights.

The airlines serving Osijek are: Croatia Airlines and Ryanair.

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