Greece and Italy may get all the love when it comes to countries on the Mediterranean Sea, but Croatia shouldn’t be neglected. With beautiful landscapes and national parks, ancient walled cities, pristine beaches, rolling vineyards, fresh seafood and friendly people, Croatia charms visitors with its relaxed paces of live and inexpensive luxury. Croatia is growing in popularity (with celebs like Zane Lamprey singing its praises), but for now it’s still relatively off the radar, which means fewer crowds and lower prices. Hotels in Croatia can be  much cheaper than their Greek and Italian counterparts, and the cost food, drinks, and […]

Explore the Undiscovered Mediterranean

RTW vacations typically include many budget countries such as Thailand, Vietnam, India or Turkey. But if you manage to plan the vacation right, you can fit in some European countries as well, without breaking the budget. Did you know that many European countries are very cheap to visit? You didn’t? Then read on. Countries such as Croatia, Montenegro, Albania and Bulgaria are excellent places to visit during a RTW vacation. Both accommodation and food are cheap. You’ll probably have a bit of a headache with planning the transportation part, but that can also be solved with a bit of practice. […]

Round The World via Europe

If you own or operate a Croatia budget hotel, hostel, guesthouse or any other budget accommodation – or if you know someone who does – you (or they) should consider entering the information into the new worldwide Hostel Directory . This will be a huge and global directory of budget hotels, hostels and other budget accommodations. Don’t worry about spam from it but you should expect some extra bookings. This is a new site but part of a big travel network, so it should worth some of your precious minutes. Go to this Hostel Directory entry page for Croatia and […]

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Recently I’ve been confronted with having to look for cheap hotels in Croatia and the entire process proved to be time consuming and rather frustrating. But not anymore! We are proud to announce a brand new hotel search function on this site which allows you to get results from multiple travel-booking sites all at once. Finding cheap hotels in Croatia will sure be much easier from now on. Once you get to the page, select the city you want to stay in and then you’ll have two options. There is a complete list with the hotels available in that area […]

Finding cheap hotels in Croatia just got easier