With 2000 miles of coastline and a lot of islands, Croatia doesn’t lack places to get a tan or make a splash. Some of the beaches are world-famous and many travelers head here every summer. Searching for the best beaches in Croatia certainly starts with the traveler’s definition of “best beach”. Some travelers look for sandy beaches, with shallow waters, while others don’t mind pebbly beaches but want a superb landscape, too. Here is a list of the most popular and beautiful beaches in Croatia. Paradise Beach, Rab Island It is considered one of the best beaches in the world […]

Top 7 beaches in Croatia

Expensive extravagance is the norm at Hotel Dubrovnik Palace, Croatia’s premier luxury travel resort. Dubrovnik Palace is the finest of Croatia’s luxury accommodations and bills itself thusly. The winner of the tourism flower award among five star resorts, the hotel was also named Europe’s Leading Resort in 2006. What makes Hotel Dubrovnik Palace so special? It outperforms its competition repeatedly and out supplies its guests with the kind of amenities that matter to those who have the cash to spend a week on vacation in the finest luxury resort in an up and coming tropical European destination. Four swimming pools, […]

Hotel Dubrovnik Palace

Watch your step on your way down to Baska Beach on Krk Island. The long stretches of nearly-sand beach are inviting and fun to play on, but you have to get down there first and the descent can be a leg-sapping workout. Take all of your towels and picnic supplies with you, because you won’t want to make this trip twice. A trip to Baska Beach does not have to include a grueling climb down from the parking lot. But hiking the trails to one of the secluded coves gets you into your own personal sunbathing and swimming hole and […]

Baska Beach

The island of Losinj is a lesser known tourist destination off the coast of Croatia that is usually undisturbed by heavy tourist traffic. This could be because it is difficult to get to from the mainland, or because the island has had a sordid history surrounded in controversy. Yugoslavia annexed Losinj from Italy several decades ago, and many Italians left the island rather than live under communist rule. Today, Losinj is every inch a part of Croatia, although the group of Italians who lived there still stay in contact. Although Cres island is considered something of a big brother island […]