Take it easy If you’re looking for a break from the faster-paced (but still pleasant) activities in Zagreb, take the bus or drive about 30-40 minutes to the small town of Samobor.  There is a regular bus service every half-hour or so to and from Zagreb all day, and it is well worth the trip for the food and the walking paths. The town is situated in the middle of the mountainous Samoborsko Gorje. Because of this, Samobor offers visitors numerous hiking opportunities in lush forests and beautiful views at the top. More information on >> things to do in […]

Samobor day trip

Castle ruins in Zagreb Among the many things to do and see in Zagreb, visitors can have an enjoyable few hours exploring the crumbled ruins of ancient castles.  Hundreds of medieval castles are scattered across Croatia, and most are fairly decrepit. From Zagreb, you don’t have to travel far or pay a cent to find them—in fact, there are a few that are right beside the city. Most of the castles in this area were built to protect the city’s inhabitants from the Mongols.  Later, most were expanded and renovated in order to defend against the Ottoman Turks. However, technological advances […]

Ancient castle ruins