The Croatian cuisine dates from the Ancient times and there are notable differences between the foods eaten on the mainland and those from the coastal regions. The mainland cuisine has Slavic origins and a lot of influences from the Hungarian, Austrian and Turkish cuisines; on the other hand, the cuisine found on the coastal regions has Ancient Greek, Ancient Roman, modern day Mediterranean and French influences. While on the mainland you’ll find the garlic, black pepper and paprika used a lot , on the coastal regions you’ll find oregano, olive oil, rosemary and cinnamon. Lignje Squid – either breaded or […]

What to Eat in Croatia: Famous Croatian Foods

The Dingac wine region near Dubrovnik is one of the smallest and most unique producers of red wines in the Mediterranean latitudes. It also produces some of the best wine in Europe. The key to the Dingac wine, like all wine, is the crop of grapes. The key grapes in this case are known as the Plavac Mali grapes, which grow on the south side of a restricted peninsula in southern Dalmatia known as the Peljesac peninsula. The tiny 2 km patch that house the grapes is called the Dingac region. The grapes grow in such a specific location, that […]

Croatia’s Dingac Wine

Ask any of the locals in Split. Fife (FEE-fay) is the quintessential konoba in Dalmatia’s largest city. The word konoba means ‘cellar’ in Dalmatian dialect, and since many small taverns began operating in family wine cellars, the term is used also to refer to casual dining and drinking establishments where traditional home cooking is all you’ll find. At Fife, you’ll find the requisite assortment of expertly grilled fish, meat and sausages along with a vast array of saucy braised meats, pastas, risottos, vegetables and sides. Order the traditional Dalmatian pot roast known as pašticada (pahsh-tee-TSAH-dah) with a side of potato […]

Buffet Fife in Split

If you’re looking for more than a snack, but not quite a full-blown meal in the center of Zagreb, Mimice (MEE-mee-tseh, meaning ‘things overlooked or hidden’) may be just the place for you. Set into the foundation of Ulica Nikole Jurišića 21, this mom-and-pop fish house is just a few blocks east of the main square. The selection of fried Adriatic fish, potatoes and a few simple vegetable dishes is offered a la carte, which makes the unpretentious hideaway ideal for those who enjoy sampling from one another’s plates. Service is cafeteria-style. Simply walk up to the counter, tell the […]

Mimice for Ribice