Split is famous for the Roman heritage. Even today, you can still see the old Roman walls, squares and temples. Zadar is located in northern Dalmatia and also has a Roman heritage. The old town is worth your time and so are the remains of the Roman Forum. During summer, spend some time on the beaches. Although both cities are served by an airport, the short distance between them (160 km) doesn’t require a flight. You can fly via a connection in Zagreb, though , and the single fare starts at €240. Quick summary Generally speaking, buses tend to be […]

Getting from Split to Zadar

Dubrovnik , located on the Adriatic Sea coast, is one of the most well known tourist resorts in Croatia and Europe. Nick-named the “Pearl of the Adriatic” , Dubrovnik has been listed as a UNESCO site since 1979. It is a popular destination for those looking for a romantic place with a lot of history. Split was originally built around the Diocletian palace and even today you can still see the old Roman walls, squares and temples. Quick summary With no train connection between Split and Dubrovnik, the bus is the cheapest option to travel. But if you want to […]

Getting from Split to Dubvrovnik

Zagreb is the capital of Croatia is well known for its charming medieval old town and cobblestone streets. The Upper and Lower Towns are worth your time as this is where you’ll find the tourist sights, the restaurants and the bars. Split is located in Central Dalmatia region of Croatia and was originally built around the Diocletian palace. The old Roman walls, squares and temples can still be visited today. Central Split can be easily explored on foot. Quick summary Train travel is not very used in Croatia but there are plenty of bus connections between Zagreb and Split. Bus […]

Getting from Zagreb to Split

Ask any of the locals in Split. Fife (FEE-fay) is the quintessential konoba in Dalmatia’s largest city. The word konoba means ‘cellar’ in Dalmatian dialect, and since many small taverns began operating in family wine cellars, the term is used also to refer to casual dining and drinking establishments where traditional home cooking is all you’ll find. At Fife, you’ll find the requisite assortment of expertly grilled fish, meat and sausages along with a vast array of saucy braised meats, pastas, risottos, vegetables and sides. Order the traditional Dalmatian pot roast known as pašticada (pahsh-tee-TSAH-dah) with a side of potato […]

Buffet Fife in Split

Roman Emperor Diocletian probably didn’t know that building his retirement home on the coast of Croatia would spawn a town that would become one of the most populated and well-known in Croatia. The original structure around which the city of Split blossomed, Diocletian’s Palace is now the center of culture, business and nightlife in Split. The palace was built between the 3rd and 4th centuries and the location was chosen for its proximity to the white stones on the island of Brac as much as for any of the attributes of the city around it. Brac’s white rocks provided the […]

Diocletian’s Palace