Croatia Vacation Rentals

If you’ve never stayed in a vacation rental, you might assume that they’re always houses, always big, and always too expensive. Sure, there are big, expensive rental homes in Croatia if that’s what you need – but there are far more vacation rentals in Croatia that are budget-friendly apartments.

The vacation rentals in Croatia are holiday homes that families own and only visit a few times a year, renting it out to other people when they’re not using it, or they may be second homes. In either case, there are properties available for short-term rentals all over Croatia, in the popular tourist destinations as well as the countryside.

Want to dive right into hunting for a vacation rental in Croatia? Browse these listings:

  • Croatia vacation rentals on Homeaway
  • Croatia vacation rentals on AirBnB
  • Croatia vacation rentals on BootsnAll (more than 5,000 listings)




When looking through the vacation rental properties in Croatia, you’ll find the usual sorts of sparsely-furnished and fully-equipped holiday homes you might expect, but you’ll also find more modern and unique properties these days. Thanks to online rental services like AirBnB and Homeaway, proprety owners can list their rental apartments directly rather than using a rental manager. It pays to browse through your options on a few sites to see what the range of properties is that’s open when you want to visit.

The main things to consider when looking at vacation rentals, in Croatia or anywhere, are:

  • Location – Get specific about where the rental is, so you’ll know if it’s within walking distance of not just the beach or the town center but also a grocery store or other market. This is also important to think about if you’re a light sleeper, as being right in the thick of things sounds great until those sounds keep you up all night.
  • Transportation – If you’re hoping to stick to public transportation, this is especially critical to find out about, as you’ll need to find a property that’s easy to get to on foot or by bus. Likewise, you’ll want to have easy access to public transit from the front door, or be able to walk to what you want to do and see.
  • Budget – Don’t freak out when you first see a weekly rate for apartments or rental homes. Remember that hotel rates are listed by the night, not the week. Not only that, with a vacation rental you’ll have a kitchen to do some of your own cooking (which saves you loads on eating out).
  • Bedrooms – You’ll read vacation properties say how many people they can “sleep,” but pay special attention to how many actual bedrooms there are. If you don’t realize that four of the beds are actually sleeper sofas until you get there, that can be awkward for a group of traveling couples that doesn’t want to sleep out in the living room.

photos by Kavanjin Croatia Apartments, philipshannon, David Bailey MBE

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